I walked in to my scheduled appointment without any hiccups. The front desk staff asked for my ID and insurance to make copies and they gave me a sheet to confirm all my information I had provided when I scheduled my appointment. After a very short wait (approx. 5 min), the Dr. Called me in and we began asked a series of questions and any history of hearing issues I might have had or currently have. We moved on to the audiometric exam. Afterwards the doctor was very patient with all my questions and concerns and provided plenty of information for my plan of care and options for hearing protection and hearing aids. All in all, I was pleased with my experience and would highly recommend anyone with concerns for their hearing to make their appointment at NewSound Hearing Center.
Marc Villalobos, on Google
If you need wax removal don’t go to emergency or valley Baptist they will only make fun of you there they don’t have the equipment and charge you an outrageous amount of money. This place is it. My brother and I struggle with it. He recommended me this place. Michelle was super friendly and able to answer my questions throughly. Avoid VB and hospitals at all cost here. Go with a specialist or here. They will help. Doctor from Indiana super knowledgeable on the field. Has all the equipment to extract anything from ear.
Karina Diaz, on Google
They are very social and helpful. Explain all the procedures. Answer all your questions. Great atmosphere.I highly recommend them.
Alicia Cervantes, on Google
Had a most amazing experience and the young man who did the tests was very knowledgeable and helpful. His name is Jordan and I highly recommend him.
Modesto vasquez, on Google

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