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Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. They cleaned out 29 years of wax from my ears in minutes, and for a great price. Can't thank them enough.
D F, on Google
Today I walked in to check my dad's hearing aids which he gets from the V.A. I am highly greatful for the service they provided to my 91 year old dad (WWII vet) They didn't even have to look at his ear pieces, but they did. They found the problem and fixed them immediately. I will always remember their kindness, patience, gentleness and caring heart. I wish my dad could have purchased them their at NewSound H.C. so that they could take care of dads hearing needs, but obviously, the V.A. supplied the hearing aids. Thank you for the awesome service.
Albert Flores, on Google
My father had one ear that was impacted with wax. I took him to dr Austin, an ent in Harlingen..after 1 1/2 hours in the waiting room, he finally calls us back..he comes into the room looks in his ear and says it's impacted..yeah duh, we knew that..he did take a quick swipe at it at say he couldn't remove it that day..I told him he had a hearing test scheduled the next day that we needed his ear cleaned out..he responded, "well I didn't put the wax in there"..I replied well its your job to get it out..he then starts asking us why we weren't getting tested and buying a hearing aid from him and asked where we were going and why..then he says go buy an over the counter wax softener and says there's a good chance we'll have to come back 5 or 6 times and maybe he can get it out..yeah at $299 a visit?! He's all about scamming you for I called new sound and Amanda got us right in and gave great directions there..we were taken back right away and Chris said that yes his ear was impacted but she could get out it one visit..well about 5 minutes later we were all done!! Chris did in 5 minutes what and ent said would take 5-6 times.. and at a fraction of the cost..she also was much more gentle with his ear cleaning than the ent..would highly recommend for wax removal!! They were also very sweet.

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