I had reached a point that I could barely hear. I'd been treating with Primary Care Dr to no avail. I called this company last Friday for appointment. They scheduled me for today, 1/30. There was no wait time. Jordan did an excellent job of removing wax buildup from my left ear. Then worked on my right ear and removed as much as he could. I can now carry on conversations with family & friends. I'm grateful. Jordan was gentle, thorough, knowledgeable, and gave me some good advice to minimize future buildup of wax. Thank you for your prompt, excellent care!
Eileen hitchcock, on Google
They just recently remodeled their store & it is very nice when you enter it. The other day I felt a flutter in my left ear. I thought I had a bug in my year. Jordon was busy but he worked me in to check my ear. He told & showed me I didn’t have a bug. That was a relief. He said the wind can enter your ear in such a way that it clutters in your ear. I appreciate he working me in.
pearl garza, on Google
I walked in to my scheduled appointment without any hiccups. The front desk staff asked for my ID and insurance to make copies and they gave me a sheet to confirm all my information I had provided when I scheduled my appointment. After a very short wait (approx. 5 min), the Dr. Called me in and we began asked a series of questions and any history of hearing issues I might have had or currently have. We moved on to the audiometric exam. Afterwards the doctor was very patient with all my questions and concerns and provided plenty of information for my plan of care and options for hearing protection and hearing aids. All in all, I was pleased with my experience and would highly recommend anyone with concerns for their hearing to make their appointment at NewSound Hearing Center.
Marc Villalobos, on Google
The hearing test was very quick and accurate. The staff was very friendly and professional. I liked that they did a quick complementary test for my spouse also.
Anita Rodriguez, on Google

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